This Woman Was Kicked Out Of A Gym Because Of Her Body Shape!

1The Outfit

Jenna Vecchio

This woman is furious! Jenna Vecchio, Orleans, Ontario, is an avid gym goer, so she was shocked when her gym told her she had to leave. She publicly called out the Movati Athletic Club for their discrimination against her. Even though she was wearing attire similar to other women in the gym, Vecchio was told by gym staff that her unusual body shape made her attire look inappropriate.

The outfit that so greatly offended the Movati Athletic Club staff was a simple pair of full length, grey leggings, and a black racerback tank top. Vecchio notes that when she was in the gym on that day, there were several other women wearing almost an identical outfit. In fact, there are even several pictures of women wearing similar outfits on the website promoting Movati Athletic Club. Vecchio’s entire chest, torso, and legs were covered by the outfit, and the only bare part of her body was her shoulders and arms.