When These Eyebrows Go Wrong, They Go Very Wrong. OMG I’m Speechless!

Our tweezers salute you.

There are people who put so much effort in their own look, but they just don’t succeed. On the other hand, they involuntarily look totally hilarious.

Most of them probably just don’t care, while some other should probably change something in their make-up techniques.

I’m not going to lie, I LOL’d while eyebrows’d these.

When Brows Collide

when brows collide





Paint By Number
paint by number

Mountain Ranges
mountain ranges

Kitty Cats
kitty cats

Just Do It
just do it

Draw On Uni Brow
draw on uni brow

All Broken Up About It
all broken up about it

Abrupt Stop
abrupt stop

A Bit Clouded
a bit clouded

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