8 Ways To Make People To Like You…Instantly!

Have you ever met someone, and immediately thought, “wow, I like this person”? There are people like that in our lives, instantly likable, approachable, and completely disarming. Best advise is to be yourself and act natural. If you want to make friends you have to first be friendly! Here are some way that you can instantly make yourself more likable.

1Sense Of Humor

Having a sense of humor can almost seem like a genetic trait; some people have it – some people don’t. No matter what your situation is, laughing and being relaxed can go a long way. If someone tells a joke, go with it, don’t do something awkward like point out the obvious aspects of the joke, or try to correct a punch line, just laugh, and roll with it. Even if something isn’t funny, don’t point it out – just move on. Having a sense of humor isn’t just about being funny yourself, it is about seeing the humor in other people and appreciating it.