They Put THIS On Her Face As A Beauty Treatment…How Did She Not Freak Out?!

Traditional massage and facial treatments have lured men and women into spas for many years, but in an effort to shift with the times,  contemporary spas are transforming the classics into one-of-a-kind experiences that are sure to shake up the senses. Oh what they won’t do to get your business! The most unique treatments at spas around the world that have truly taken an unconventional approach to relaxation as shown here.

1Snail Facial

Snail slime has the potential to smooth and revitalize skin, clear your complexion and even fade acne scars. There are products that include snail slime as an ingredient, but some spas in Thailand, where the best snails are, offer snail slime facials where the little guys just crawl all over you. Moving at a snail’s pace may take a while!