Norma Refuses Chemo At Age 90 But Does This Instead…AMAZING!

When 90-year-old Norma found out she had uterine cancer, she didn’t have the typical reaction. Maybe it was because she saw how others at her nursing home had faced the end of their lives, or maybe it was because she saw her husband of 67 years pass away the previous year. So instead of battling her cancer with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, Norma decided to do something radical. She left the hospital and bid farewell to everyone at her nursing home. With her family in tow, Norma hit the road in an RV camper. Her and her family packed their bags to travel the USA. For the past six months, they’ve been visiting several stunning national parks across America and taking in all the natural beauty the country has to offer.  Here is her AMAZING journey.

1Meet Norma

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Norma was blessed with a long and happy marriage, and it seems that her late husband celebrated the joy of life up until the end.