This Guy’s Man Cave Is A Literal Cave… And It Will Blow Your Mind

When cave dwellers come to mind, we can’t help but think about the typical Stone Age nomad, struggling to build a fire with a club and spear nearby. So when we found out that modern-day cave dwellers existed, we had to take a look. And it turns out, some of these dwellings are more luxurious than mansions.

Sitting on 37 acres just outside of Bisbee, AZ, a mining town-turned-Baby Boomer retirement haven about 80 miles from Tucson, the Chulo Canyon Cave House is carved into an outcropping of granite boulder, extending more than 2,000-square feet into a desert grotto.  It occupies 2,890-square feet of living space and comes with a 890-square foot guest house, a subterranean game room underneath the guest house, a library building, a stand-alone workshop space, a separate home office, and a carport. Check it out!!!


The desert abode was built by the current owner, specifically the current owner’s late husband who recently passed away. It’s technically a man made cave that was actually blasted out of the rock existing there.