A Little Girl Calls 911, But When She Says THIS To The Dispatcher, We Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

We’ve heard a lot of stories of kids calling 9-1-1, usually for a silly prank, or for when they needed help with their homework. While those calls can, at times, be pretty adorable, they do tie up phone lines. However, when this little girl called the authorities, it wasn’t just for help with homework. She had a serious problem, and her ability to stay calm helped her save her father’s life.
When Savannah’s dad realized he was losing his breath, he quickly dialed 9-1-1. However, when the dispatcher picked up, he was unable to breathe or speak on the phone. His only option was to pass the phone to his little girl–and she handled it like a pro! The dispatcher asked Savannah what was wrong, and she told him everything she knew.

The 5-year-old revealed that her dad couldn’t breathe, comforting and calming her dad in the midst of her important conversation with the dispatcher. As the man on the line asked her more questions about the situation, she handled each as calmly as possible.

However, once Savannah realized that help was on the way, she did have a slight moment of panic. She was only in her jammies, and she was worried about having guests over! Her parents must’ve taught her to wear nice clothes when people are over–but we’ve gotta say, we don’t think the cops will mind in this case!

‘I don’t know what I’m gonna wear but he really needs oxygen real fast,’ Savannah told the dispatcher. She was ready to head to her room to get changed out of her jammies, but the dispatcher told her it was more important to stay with her dad and make sure he didn’t pass out. She also warned the officers that the family had a dog–he’s a friendly dog, but he does bark!

Most people would be hysterical in this kind of situation, but Savannah mader her dad proud by being able to handle the phone call so well. While the whole situation is pretty scary, you have to admit that the conversation is pretty adorable. Knowing that everything ended well for Savannah and her dad helps too!

Throughout the conversation, Savannah keeps telling the dispatcher, ‘So far, so good,’ to confirm that her dad is still awake. Every time she talks to her dad to comfort him, you realize what a good-hearted child she is. It seems like her parents did a great job of raising her!

Savannah’s cool and calm conversation made headlines, with many people commending the little girl for her ability to help her dad. In the end, she really did help save her father’s life, and though she handled the situation like a pro, we bet she’d rather not have to deal with something like this ever again!