You’ve Been Cutting Potatoes WRONG. THIS Is How She Cuts Her Potatoes…Genius!

1Grab a potato and slice the top off.

Baked potatoes are either totally boring or amazingly tasty.

The boring variety comes from the typical plain baked potato which has a slice down the center and a sliver of butter in it. Boring! The customized baked potatoes will be cut and cooked in a certain way and then toppings like cheese and chives are added to delicious effect.

This is how to make a delicious baked potato. And believe it or not, it’s primarily all in the cutting! Forget about your single slice down the middle. You are going to make several small cuts which will basically create little potato bits which are totally crispy and go along much, much better with all the different toppings you can place on them.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create these amazing potatoes. You’ll learn exactly how to cut them properly, and how to top them off for incredible taste!