He Posted His Little Sister’s Report Card Online, And It’s Going Viral For One Hilarious Reason!

I didn’t always get straight A’s as a kid, but this was never important to my parents. What mattered to them was the part of my report card where teachers commented on my behavior. Getting a B- in math was no big deal, but rudeness and foul language? That was worse than an F.

But when Twitter user Zain got a peek at his little sister’s report card, he couldn’t believe what he saw. At home, she was a sweet and quiet girl, but in the classroom, she was someone else entirely.

If I came home with this report card, I would have been grounded for life.


This girl is like a real-life sitcom character!


While it sounds like she was a terror to her teachers, some of her antics are actually pretty hilarious. I bet she’s going to be a real hoot when she grows up!