This Is The Only Realistic And Truly Hilarious Weight Loss Video You’ll Ever See

Hilarious Weight Loss Video

People will tell you that being an adult is hard, and they’re right. But what’s the hardest thing about being a full-time grown up? Paying bills? Getting onto the property ladder? No good people, the hardest thing about the adult world is undoubtedly losing weight.

Frustrating and sometimes utterly soul-crushing, losing weight can be one of the brutal things you’ll ever try and do as a human.

Have you ever tried not eating bread before? Trust me it’s awful. Thankfully one of the writers from Conan, Aaron Bleyaert, has created a great video based on the true story of how he lost 80 pounds and got in shape to give us all strength.

Ready to embark on your carb-free mission? Here we go.