Heartless Owner Walks Into An Animal Shelter, Yells, I Am Here To Donate My Dog! The Most Heartbreaking Story.

Meet Bear, an 86 pound German Shepherd pup who recently had his little heart broken into a million pieces.

Last Friday he was brought into the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California by an owner who didn’t know how to be an owner. The man was cold and unfeeling towards his friend, only taking pictures to post on social media.


One shelter volunteer recalled:

We watched as he took selfies with the dog kissing his face while telling the ACT that the dog was taking too much room and that he just lives on the side of the house ever since the new baby came.

It was one excuse after another with this guy, until he finally gave up the true story. He kept saying that Bear was not a friendly dog, but revealed that he only interacted with his pet when feeding and watering him or letting him use the bathroom. No wonder he wasn’t a sociable pet, the guy didn’t allow him to be social!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting this adorable little guy and giving him the real home he deserves, you can call the shelter directly at (818) 756-9323 for more information.

Please share this story with everyone you know so that we can spread the word about the injustice Bear suffered at the hands of a heartless owner, who could care less about him. Together we can find Bear the home he deserves!