Tried And True Garden Tricks… You Gotta See These!

I pride myself in being an Organic Backyard Gardener (OBG) and have tried so many varieties of tricks to better my garden every year.  Through trial and error I have come up with the best tricks of the trade.  Many will try anything to get the best crops they can while others will just make due to get the end product. Raised beds are a better choice for a few reasons. One is it’s easier to not have to always be bent over. Drainage is also issue. Raised beds make better well drained soil.  Raised beds help keep critters out of what will become your food supply. The soil warms quicker in the spring therefore is ready to plant sooner. Here are the best ways to improve your garden. These are tried and true methods!

1Plant Markers

Use plastic disposable silverware with the name of the seed or plant written in permanent marker. Place at the end of a row of plants or by each seed planted. being disposable does not mean throw them away. These markers can be used over and over each year.