If You Think E-Cigarettes Aren’t Bad For You, Think Again

Once tuted as a safe alternative to cigarettes, study’s are showing a different view on vaping and e-cigarettes. Ever since e-cigarettes came onto the market in 2004, researchers have wondered and debated whether these devices might contain chemicals that lead to lung diseases or cancer.

A recently released study shows that e-cigarettes – billed as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products – could be linked to a disease that results in severe lung damage.

1E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco

E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. Instead, they contain liquid nicotine (sometimes with flavoring). Conventional cigarettes, on the other hand, contain tobacco and all the additives tobacco companies include to make the product taste or feel a certain way.

Another key difference is that tobacco is burned and inhaled as smoke, while e-cigarettes just heat up liquid nicotine to turn it into an odorless vapor. It’s this heated vapor that is causing a lot of trouble.