Sneak A Look Inside Drake’s $8 Million LA Mansion And Prepare To Feel Jealous

1Drake’s LA Mansion

If you watched enough episodes of cribs back in the day, you’ll know the insanely high levels of jealousy possible when looking around the homes of the rich and famous. Cribs has long been off the air, but that doesn’t mean our appetite for snooping around celebs’ homes has lessened. In fact, since we no longer get a weekly look inside 50 Cent or Mariah Carey’s house, we’re all positively foaming at the mouth for a glimpse of an oversized chandelier or hidden swimming pool.

If you’re one such jealousy junkie, then you’ll be pleased to hear that photos of Drake’s $8 million LA mansion have just been released. At his incredible home in Hidden Hills, California, Drake counts Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber as his neighbors.

Got your self-loathing and inner hatred at the ready? Good, because these photos are guaranteed to turn you green with envy. Just wait till you get to the pool.