Your Cat Is Trying To Talk To You. Find Out What They Are REALLY Saying!

Feline communication IS possible! All day, every day, our cats are doing stuff. We may see them just sleeping (mostly), eating and of course we know they use their litter box (evidence can be found). Many years have been spent analyzing what our cat is trying to tell us: figuring out its meows, yelps, chirps, and trills; the unending mystery of a cat’s purr or or what its body language means. None of this work solves the fundamental issue that cats can’t talk. But new research is pointing to the idea that cat communication is possible.

1Almost Entirely Nonverbal

Cat communication with other cats is, aside from the mother-kitten relationship, almost entirely nonverbal, relying on body language and odors. Human communication is largely based on verbal meaning, tone, and facial expression—which presents a problem as cats have very few facial muscles compared even with dogs, let alone humans.