Wow, THIS Is What People Mean When They Say KILL IT WITH FIRE!

1Hornets Come Out

Ah, summer. It’s nearly upon us. Almost everyone’s favorite season. And with good reason. Longer days, warmer temperatures, BBQs, beers, picnics, shorts, fun times. We can’t wait. But it’s not all roses. There are some drawbacks.

And they all have wings. Not, not birds – those guys are cool. We’re talking about bugs. Flying bugs. Flys, wasps, bees. And the worst? The dreaded HORNET.

If you’ve ever been stung by a hornet, you’ll know why we mention them as the enemy of summer. They’re so damn big they leave a scar with their painful stings. You do NOT want a nest of them near your house. Just ask this guy…

He took a novel approach to ridding himself of the nest that had moved in near him and his family.