How To Be The Best Uncle Possible!

We all remember our Uncle or uncles but did hey do anything memorable with us? Usually it is the Aunt who is the nurturer and the one who spent the most memorable time with us. Times have changed and Uncles need to step up and be a positive role model. Uncles are usually the ones that picked on us as kids or gave us nick names. Many households don’t have the male figure in the home…that’s where the Uncle needs to step up and be the man who we learn from and have fond memories with. It doesn’t take much to make a child happy and remember a what great childhood they had. Simple inexpensive gestures can give your nieces and nephews a childhood to remember.


Dig up some worms with the kids and grab a couple poles. Many states offer free fishing weekends. Going fishing with a child will allow them how to fish and give them a great memory of the river or lake you took them to. Fishing is such a relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors and the fresh air will do the kids some good. A fun day of fishing is much more remembered than an afternoon of watching television.