You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too! Beautiful Wedding Cakes For The Happy Couple

1Beautiful Wedding Cakes

So, you’re getting married and need to make one of the biggest decisions…picking out your wedding cake. Three to six months is plenty of time to decide on the cake decorater. Choose a reputable baker or maybe you have a personal friend or family member who will assist with this this duty. You should already have your colors and guest count (to some vague idea) so you’ll know how many guests you will need to serve cake to. You’ll also need to know what flavors you want. You can add Grooms cakes for some extra supply of the tasty desserts. Grooms cake can be non traditional but the Brides cake should be all to her specifications.  Most bakery’s have taste tests you can partake in. So let your taste buds assist you upon making this expensive purchase!