It Is Bacon Country! The Love For Bacon Around The World

America has been bacon crazy for quite some time now. From bacon chocolate to deep fried bacon to beer ice cream sandwiches. It’s not a new craze, but it is a growing one. Reports show that bacon was even popular during the Roman Empire, when it was called “petaso” and was boiled to be eaten with figs. The word “bacon” has its origins in Old High German,  it referred to the “back” of the pig, where some bacon meat comes from, especially in certain countries outside the United States (we like ours from the fattier belly of the pig).  Here are great ways to eat bacon from around the world.

1Christopher Columbus And The USA

Bacon was introduced to the Americas by Christopher Columbus (he brought eight pigs with him on his big trip), and then again by Hernando de Soto, who brought mainland America’s first 13 pigs to Tampa Bay, Florida, bacon really hit its boom in 1924 when Oscar Meyer introduced pre-packaged portions of pre-sliced bacon to consumers. Since then, it’s been America’s favorite breakfast food!