12 Redneck Car Repairs That Are Borderline Genius

112 Redneck Car Repairs That Are Borderline Genius

Have you ever heard the saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way?”

Yeah…that’s a redneck proverb. Believe me: I write for the internet.

In an age where people are trying to find ways to save money, I honestly cannot believe more people haven’t found the absolute genius in redneck repairs and inventions. Want a hot tub but can’t afford one? Line your pickup truck bed with plastic, fill’r up with water, let the water warm in the sun and BOOM! You got yourself a highly illegal, yet highly entertaining, moving hot tub. Need to shovel snow but any exercise outside of moving food from a plate to your mouth just isn’t for you? Lucky for you, there’s a redneck invention for that. Simply strap shovels to your grille and you have yourself a DIY snowplow.

Thank me later.

For now, enjoy these wonderful redneck inventions.