10 Things Women Find Attractive In Men (And None Of Them Are Money!)

They say there are many fish in the sea but to find a good one that is a keeper is harder than ever these days. This is what women are looking for in the man they choose! If ALL the men could be like Ryan Gosling us women would all be happy.

He’s good with his mom (and other female members of his family.)

Being respectful to his mother is a huge indicator of how a guy treats other women — after all, she’s the first woman he ever had to act any which way around — and so if he manages to get along well with his family, it speaks well of how he’s been taught to treat any woman who comes after them. He doesn’t have to fawn over them and call them every single day, but how he treats the women already in his life is a good indicator.

He dresses well.

Whatever your personal style, if it looks like you take pride in that natural extension of yourself, then we’re going to appreciate it.

He has hobbies.

No one wants a lazy man who sits around and plays video games in all his spare time! And a guy whose whole life is going to work, then to the bar with his buddies is no picnic either.

He makes plans.ryan_gosling_gif_13[1]

Being spontaneous is a great feature to to plan out an event shows you care enough to make it the best time ever!

He has a sense of humor(but not at the expense of others).

We all say ridiculous things from time to time, and if a guy can sit there and gamely laugh at whatever inane thing comes out of your mouth, it’s a nice feeling! Plus, if his sense of humor isn’t based on constantly putting other people down, it’s nice that he notices the comical bits about life without tearing down other people in order to put himself on top.

He’s not automatically a “yes man”.

This relates back to his having his own hobbies and making plans, but if he can manage to do something on his own without his posse coming along for the ride, it speaks really highly of him. Hearing him say, “Nah, man, I’m gonna spend the night with my girl” rather than joining the crowd at the bar is a selfish little happiness on our parts, to be sure, but being able to make up his own mind about what he wants to do — and then actually doing it — are signs of a person who just knows who he is, and that’s sexy.

He’s the same way around his friends as he is around you.

This is a great way to know that you’re getting the genuine person – no fronts, no acts, just them. If he’s puffing and preening around you, his buddies are sure to tell him to knock it off. You need to feel comfortable with each other!

He listens.

Just nod along. Let us get it out. Say “that sucks” every now and again. Providing us with the solution at every turn just makes us feel like we’re even more in struggle city than we already feel like we are.

He expresses himself in little ways.

Whether he sends you a random email to say “hi” or a YouTube video he thinks you might like, picks up a bottle of wine to have with dinner just because, or even if you just wake up in the middle of the night only to realize that his hand found yours in his sleep, seeing those little fleeting bits of affection are always enough to warm even the most unsure heart and assure us that yeah, he cares.

He’s gotta love animals!

Whether he’s a dog or cat lover…nobody wants a guy who dislikes pets! One day your kids will want a pet and he has to be onboard with it.