Wife Cashes In On Husband’s Infidelity In The Most Magnificent Way, KARMA!

1Wife Cashes In On Husband’s Infidelity

A heartbroken bride has decided to cash in on husbands infidelity by selling $17,000 of her wedding items on Facebook, after she found a love letter penned to his ‘secret mistress, signed ‘Your Mr Grey’.

And who can blame her. They always say there is a silver lining to every cloud, and I think she just found the gold one.

Sarah Williams, 32, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, married 33-year-old George in 2011 just 2 years after they had met. However, four years into their marriage she found a letter stashed away in her husband’s work bag,  with a reference to the eponymous Christian Grey from the erotic novel Fifty Shades.

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