13 Things Guys Like In A Woman. And She WANTS You To Admit It!

The second a man see’s you he starts mentally going through a checklist to determine if he will ask you out. A nice badunkadunk is somewhere on his list! Some guys can forego some of these if the woman has a great personality but admit it guys…these things here ARE what you really want in your lady. After all, she has to pass your parental approval and most guys want a trophy girl. Although some trophy girls do not make for a good relationship. If you want her that bad, think of how many other guys want her too!


Most guys want a woman with long thick hair and some are attracted to shorter hair girls. Nevertheless, most men want a woman with lovely locks. Hair color is a personal preference. A guy can tell if your hair has been “over processed” and if you can’t maintain your hair…it shows signs that can maintain other parts of your body as well.