Before Heading Out On A Harley…Think Twice About What You Wear

Getting on the back of a Harley and going for a long ride.  What could feel better? The the sun on my back and the wind in my face as we roll through the countryside or highway. Your  iPod is blasting your favorite tunes and little kids smile and wave from the air-conditioned back seats of mom and dads SUV as we sit at a light waiting for it to change. There is a lot more to being  a rider.  Sitting there enjoying the scenery is the joy of the ride.  But with it comes responsibility.

1Dressing For The Ride

So you have accepted an invite to go on a ride, a first date maybe… but you’re not sure what to wear. So we will start with the optimum weather conditions. Check the weather for the areas that you will be riding and know what time you are going to depart and return. Dress in layers. Make sure he bike has storage so as you peel off the layers as the day gets nicer, you have a place to put them.