Irresponsible Owner Left Them In The Car. What These Dogs Did Next Shocked Me

Dangerous Decision

two dogs left car 1

Dogs die in hot cars. We all know that. But a lot of people think that it’s fine to leave a pooch or two in a car on a warm day if you crack a window. But it’s simply not true. It’s still very dangerous.

Cars get very hot inside. With no passing wind or a/c on, a car that’s 22 degrees when you climb out of it can be anywhere up to 47 degrees within an hour, if left in the heat. So don’t do it.

So, then. Dogs die in hot cars. But not only that, they also get bored. Even if it’s not that warm out. And we’ve got some excellent proof of that for you right here…

These Two Dogs

two dogs left car 2

See these two dogs? They’ve been left in the car for a few minutes while their owner grabs something from the store quickly.

Only they’re not too happy about it and soon make their frustrations known!

The footage is filmed by a lady in a nearby car who has spotted the bored canines. Weirdly, they’re sat in the car seats, almost upright. As if they’re humans.


two dogs left car 1

And impatience takes over in the most hilarious way. The dog in the driver’s seat gets on the horn! With his left paw, he leans on the horn and sounds it.

It’s as if the driver’s seat dog is saying, ‘Yo, Pops! Hurry up in the damn store! And don’t forget to pick us up some bones!’ And it certainly is pretty darn funny. Watch these two pee’d off dogs getting livid and showing their car-based frustration here. Enjoy!