Understanding The Grief After The Loss Of A Loved One

There is no specific time you will stop grieving your loss. Everyone grieves different. It is a traumatic experience that is sure to linger a good long time but for some others they can pick up and go on with their lives. Everyone is unique in their grieving. Feelings of grief might return on the anniversary of your loved one’s death or other special days throughout the year. These feelings, sometimes called an anniversary reaction, aren’t necessarily a setback in the grieving process. They’re a reflection that your loved one’s life was important to you.

1Reminders Can Be Anywhere

Certain reminders of your loved one might be inevitable, such as a visit to the loved one’s grave, the anniversary of the person’s death, holidays, birthdays or new events you know he or she would have enjoyed. Even memorial celebrations for others can trigger the pain of your own loss. Reminders also can be tied to sights, sounds and smells — and they can be unexpected. You might suddenly be flooded with emotions when you drive by the restaurant your partner loved or when you hear your child’s favorite song.