Great Survival Fishing Techniques…Which Would You Use?

Should you ever find yourself fighting to survive in the wilderness, fish can sustain you and your fellow survivors. Most likely you won’t have proper fishing gear as you have had while sport fishing and will have to make due with what you can find in your surroundings. Your best bet is to locate a body of water such as a creek, river, lake or even the ocean so you can fish and find other sea life to live on until you can get back to civilization or be rescued. Catching fish may be one of the best ways to satisfy your hunger. Almost all fish are edible and most are delicious and nutritious. This task probably won’t be easy. But with the knowledge you’ll gain reading this article, you’ll be better prepared to catch fish to eat.  There’s nothing “sporting” about survival fishing. Use any method at your disposal, but only in a true survival situation. Improvise, use any available material to create the fishing tackle you need. Don’t overlook the possibility of catching smaller fish, which are usually more abundant and more easily caught.

1Improvising Fish Hooks

Hooks can be improvised from many materials, including needles, safety pins, nails, paper clips, thorns, a bird wishbone or claw, a piece of metal cut from a can, even an old soda can tab. Don’t overlook any possibility.