8 Annoying Things Sarcastic People HAVE To Deal With!

For whatever reason, being constantly sarcastic and dry and witty isn’t the norm. Sometimes it can actually cause problems to crop up, turning your cool-as-a-cuke comedic endeavors into a pit of social awkwardness. Here are 8 such struggles every sarcastic person out there would surely understand.

2People Think You’re Serious


You’re at a bar after hours with co-workers and someone won’t stop talking about Kale. They are all, “Kale chips, yum!” and “Kale is the hottest superfood right now!” and then you say (between shots) “Oh yeah, totally. Kale man. That sh*t is awesome.” You thought you were being obviously sarcastic. But Captain kale thinks they’ve just made a new bestie. Smooth move for being sarcastic!