This Guy’s Hilarious Retirement Email Is Going Viral And It’s Not Hard To See Why

It’s a sad fact that 71% of US employees hate their jobs. While the majority of us are struggling along, keeping quiet and raiding the free biscuits, one retiree has broken the yawning silence with a retirement email worthy of some serious praise.

In a Reddit post that has since gone viral, an ex-3M worker’s son shared the hilarious email his dad sent during his final day with the company. I bet the water cooler was gathering a lot of traffic the day this was blasted out.


“As many of you know, this is my last day at 3M after a long and, illustrious distinguished awesome ground-breaking, um, a really long career. I can honestly say that I always did my best to push back the foreskin of technology,” he wrote.

“I don’t want to lose contact with most of you but I put a few a-holes on the list, also. I thought that would make life interesting. If you think you’re one of them – you probably are.

“Feel free to pass this info on to anyone who wants to send me money. I wish you good luck in running in to me in the future. I’ll be dead soon enough since I’m so old. Bye.”


Most reacted by wishing something similar would happen in their dullsville workplaces, where even a smiley face at the end of an email can create a ripple of outrage and disgust. “This would be f*cking refreshing in my workplace. Can we ask your dad to work there for a day and then quit?” wrote Reddit user zomboromcom.