Redditors Shared Their Dumbest Memories from High School

1Redditors Shared Their Dumbest Memories from High School

For many, high school represents for crucially formative years, not only academically, but in terms of social learning as well.

When we look back at high school, it’s easy to remember the different classes and teachers, the standardized tests, the varied cliques, and the countless shenanigans that went down in the classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and back fields.

Thinking about your craziest memories from high school, chances are they might feel pretty stupid in retrospect. With raging hormones and heightened social pressure, adolescents are much more likely to put themselves at risk while seeking validation from their peers.

Redditors were asked to share the stupidest things they ever saw in high school, and you can bet they had plenty of stories to recall.