Mother Shares Warning After Almost Losing Her Son To A Dangerous Toy


Before having a child, a long list of to-do items are checked off in the 9 months leading up to childbirth.

Getting the nursery ready, being sure to buy all the necessary items, and baby proofing the entire house are all important steps in the early days of planning.

Emma Bozner did just this. Baby proofing every surface of her home was a task she took seriously, as her son Brooklyn entered into his toddler years and would soon be exploring every surface available at his height.

When baby proofing house, though, Bozner did not expect that an object made specifically for children her son’s age would prove to be the biggest problem of all.

Despite the electrical outlets and sharp edges scattered around the house, Brooklyn’s biggest obstacle to face was his Paw Patrol emblazoned Slinky toy.

Nickelodeon’s network show Paw Patrol is the largest selling franchise for toddlers right now. With everything from bedding to clothing to every toy under the sun branded with Paw Patrol characters, it only made sense that when Bozner went to buy a Slinky for her son, she purchased one that represented the show.


However, as Bozner turned her back for just a minute, Brooklyn twisted the toy in just a way that the coils became wrapped around his neck.