A Collector’s Guide For Monchhichis Dolls

If you want to know what is a Monchhichi doll, where can you buy them and How to know which one is real or fake monchichi, you should find all the answers right here. Sekiguchi Monchichi and Monchhichi dolls also called Futagono Monchhichi, Bebichhichi or Chicaboo… they are names of these Japanese collectible monkey plush toys. Monchichi is a cute toy with plush soft body and hard plastic head and paws. Monkey or other animal with human baby features and suckable thumb. This is my Monchichi collector’s guide, the toys we all remember and cute monkeys which most of us still adore and collect even when we are in the age we have to usually claim we build the collection for our child.

1History Of The Monchhichi Doll


First and original Monchhichi toy occurred in Japan and have been made by Sekiguchi Corporation. Their father was Koichi Sekiguchi, the owner of Sekiguchi company, who created them on 25th January 1974.