Reasons Moms Who Swear Are the Best

It’s often considered a faux pas to curse in front of your children, but Sarah Hosseini of YourTango is here to explain why moms who curse are actually the sh*t.

I swear in front of my kids. I don’t forbid them to say swear words. I suggest that maybe they shouldn’t swear at school or when talking to their friends. I tell them they should never use swear words to call people names. But by and large, swearing is a huge non-issue in our house. And I think my kids are better off for it.

Here are seven reasons moms who swear make the best moms:

1They give it to their kids straight.

No tip-toeing around touchy subjects. No rose-colored explanations. No coddling conversations. No sugarcoated versions of stories. Can you imagine how many unintentional teen pregnancies could be prevented with straight sex talk at home? If you f*ck a boy or a girl, you could get STDs, which are bumpy, sometimes slimey, dischargey germs that make your vagina and penis stink and look f*cking bananas.