Daughter Tricks Mom Into Thinking She Had Severe Allergic Reaction To Nuts

We all know that nuts  can cause some pretty severe allergic reactions, which can often result in the area around the eyes, lips, tongue and roof of mouth swelling. Well, did you know that if you run your face through a specific iPhone app you can distort your features in a way that reflects this? Of course you did, we’ve all done it. And it’s hilarious.


A WOMAN used an iPhone app to prank her mother into believing she had suffered an extreme allergic reaction to nuts. Claire Maughan took a selfie and then used the app to grotesquely distort her features, making her cheeks and lips puffy and swollen. Claire, from Edinburgh, sent the doctored snap to her unsuspecting mother, saying she had suffered an allergic reaction. According to a hilarious exchange of texts, Claireís mum demanded her work address and said she was calling an ambulance. The messages and pictures have been posted online and have already been retweeted 1,200 times.

However, clearly not everyone is up to date with the digital age. Specifically this poor mother who was tricked by her daughter into thinking she had suffered an allergic reaction and she sent her a pretty gross image as proof.

The majority of you are probably sitting there wondering how on earth anybody could believe the picture was real, clearly it has been deliberately distorted. But evidently Claire Maughan’s Mom couldn’t see this.

Furthermore the poor mother was so perturbed by the sight of her daughter’s misshapen face that she called an ambulance.