So, You’re Going To Marry A Hunter. Here Are The Top 10 Things You MUST Know!

No matter how much your fiance loves you…when it’s hunting season you will always take a back seat! You must of known how much he was in love with hunting before he loved you so…you will just have to accept this. It is what it is. It takes a special person to marry a hunter.  When you say “I Do” to a hunter, you’re not just committing to a person but a total life style! Here are 10 things you should be ready to get used to.

10There Is No End To Hunting Season

There is big game, small game, waterfowl and nuisance species like hogs and coyotes, chances are something is always in season. Even if your spouse only hunts deer, you can bet the rest of the year is considered “scouting season.” And let’s not forget fishing which is also a year round event.