Open Mouth…Insert Foot. 10 Times To Know When To Shut Up!

Knowing when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut is valuable wisdom. Some people will just never get it. We all sometimes don’t speak up when we should, and do speak when we shouldn’t. But successful people do a lot less of this and know the value, particularly, of keeping quiet. We all sometimes open our mouth and insert our foot. saying things at the most inappropriate times! here are 10 times you should learn to keep your big trap closed! The main reason not to talk is because when you’re talking, you’re not listening. And listening is the most important thing you can do.

1When You Want To Correct Someone

Particularly when that someone is a new acquaintance or a superior. There are times when you need to correct people, like if someone says, “Bob cost the company a million dollars,” and you’re Bob and that’s not true. But, say someone says, “As everyone knows, we only use 10% of our brains,” which is one of those non-factual “facts” that people spew all the time (we actually use our entire brain). If you correct them, you might embarrass them and you’re not actually going to gain anything. They might not believe you and you could wind up in a dumb argument about it, taking out your phone and finding sources that prove you’re right until you shut them down. Sure, you’ll have demonstrated your superior knowledge, but a lot of people actually hate that.