Man Writes A Hilarious Letter To The City After Receiving $15 Parking Ticket

The dreaded parking ticket. It makes your blood boil just thinking about the possibility of walking out to your car to find a yellow envelope tucked neatly underneath your windshield wiper, blowing freely in the wind. The only way to make this imaginary situation worse would be walking out to your car to find an actual parking ticket waiting on your windshield. Ahh!

The amount written on the ticket is completely negligible. If the ticket were written for $1, you’d still be enraged. It’s the idea that you are being punished for, more often than not, unknowingly breaking the law and having gotten caught. After receiving a ridiculous parking citation, one gentleman wrote the city a letter to share his thoughts about a particular law.

From what we’ve learned, Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a city with a historic downtown, cute shops and $15 fines for backing into specific parking spaces. Eugene Mirman, a tourist who had spent an afternoon traipsing around the city, was greeted by a $15 parking ticket when he arrived to his car for having backed into the parking space as opposed to having pulled in forward. He claimed that he had looked for signs prior to parking and saw nothing that specified how cars could or could not be parked.

Parking Ticket
Parking Ticket

Eugene decided to write a letter to the city expressing his disappointment with Portsmouth. He also took it one step further and paid to publish his letter in the local newspaper. The document was packed with sarcasm, censored obscenities and humor. You can’t help but to find his point of view hilarious.


Could you imagine being the city employee who opened the letter? One by one, you’d be calling over your coworkers to share in a good laugh. Eugene had technically broken the law, so there was no room to dispute the ticket. If you can’t beat them, write a witty letter for the entire city to read.