She Had Itchy Red Bumps All Over Her Skin, But Had No Idea Why..

Not everything you eat daily is acceptable to your stomach. You feed it stuff that you relish, but the poor stomach is unable to process everything easily. Let’s speak of gluten- it’s a mixture of protein found in wheat and related grains including barley and rye. The bread that you often have in your breakfast also contain gluten. It is not actually harmful but dangerous for those, whose digestive system is unable to break down gluten leading to various health issues.

We have gathered the side-effects, signs and symptoms of gluten intolerance that will make you read and understand your body easily. Let’s begin with the story below; the information mentioned here is truly helpful to take precautions and for staying healthy, fit and disease free.


Young woman holding her stomach in pain lying on a bed.

Inside the layer of your belly skin, there is an arrangement of various important machinery like organs that play very vital and equally complicated functions of our body. When the functioning gets disturbed, the health problems start getting visible on our skin. Our stomach wants food but gets totally confused with what to do with food and then it produces gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. If the problems get severe and are left untreated it can cause damage in the small intestine. It’s functioning of absorbing, required minerals and vitamins also gets poor which results in weakness and deficiencies. Keep in mind, these all could be the reasons for your stomach pain which is the first sign of Gluten intolerance.