He Was Stunned When He Caught His Girlfriend Lying About His Little Sister. This Is Shocking.

1His girlfriend was unhappy that his little sister was living with them (due to circumstances out of her control). What happened next broke them apart.

To get to the point my little sister lives with me since about 4 months ago because my mom’s house is not a good place for children, long story.

So my sister has been good so far, way better grades in school, she’s happier and has a new interest in sports and normal kid things. So we are kind of a happy bunch except for one thing. My girlfriend is not thrilled that my little sister lives with us. It has made her extremely resentful towards my mom for being such a whatever she is, and my mom deserves it. But I spoke to my girlfriend about not letting my sister know how she feels so she doesn’t feel unwanted. But this has not been the case I found out.