Generation Treasures…What Legacy Will You Hand Down?

Your legacy can be handed down in more than just the genes. Passing something of material or personal value can bring fond memories to those you left behind. After all, we all will pass away eventually but give the younger generation something from your era as a reminder of who you were and what you worked at to who you were. A whittles might pass down a jack knife while some may inherit the family property. Furniture only has a short life span due to disasters such as floods and fires. Pictures are also a great way to show who you were and maybe the family trait has been handed down more years than you know!  What can you pass down to your generations to follow?

1Family Bible

A family Bible is handed down through the family, with each successive generation recording information about the family’s history inside it. Typically, this information consists of births, deaths, baptisms and marriages. Other items, such as letters, newspaper cuttings and photographs, might also be placed inside a Family Bible.