12 Smells That Are Gone Forever, Your Kids Will Never Know These…

Nothing can trigger a memory like the aroma of what used to be. Crayola Crayons can take you back to your childhood. The smell of a certain flower can bring back memories of your grandparents flower garden. The perfume aroma can remind you of your younger days when you wore that kind of perfume. Remember the smell of your dad’s aftershave? Some fragrances have been fazed out of existence thanks to technology and safety regulations. Let’s jog your memory of these faded smells.

1Ditto Machines


Also known as a  spirit duplicator…it was a treat whenever the teacher passed out fresh-off-the-machine purple print “ditto” sheets to the class. Virtually every student immediately held the page to his face and inhaled deeply. There was something so pleasing about the aroma that emanated from the printing fluid—a 50/50 mix of methanol and isopropanol. The sole company that still manufactures ditto fluid in the U.S. only sells a few thousand gallons per year these days, as opposed to the over 100,000 gallons they delivered during the 1970s.