There Is More About “Hooters” Than You May Know!

In a world where just about every restaurant is on the hunt for ways to market themselves as family-friendly establishments, one type of restaurant chain is flying in the face of convention: the “breastaurant.” In recent years, this decidedly child-inappropriate format has exploded in popularity, but “Hooters” is the one that started it all. The original ‘breastaurant’ has been in business since 1982!

1The Founders

Hooters was founded by six Clearwater, Florida, businessmen with no previous restaurant experience in April 1983. The first location opened later the same year on the site of an old rundown Clearwater nightclub. The next few years saw a couple changes in ownership, and today the chain is actually two privately held companies: Hooters, Inc, which owns the restaurants in Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Manhattan; and Hooters Of America, which owns or franchises all other locations. Altogether, this amounts to about 460 locations total, in 25 countries.