This Dog Watches His Owner ALL THE TIME, Still Laughing At These Photos!

Dogs are protective of their owners, but Cyrus, a 2-year-old Bullmastiff from Perth, Western Australia, takes it to a whole new level. He watches his owner Lauren Birney all the time, literally. And it started getting awkward.

“I have this theory that he constantly stares at me and creeps on me because he just likes to know where I am and what I am doing all the time!” Birney said. “Sometimes I have no idea that he is creeping on me until I get up off a seat or look around the room and find he will be standing behind an object with his head sticking out staring at me.

“Apart from being a convicted creeper, Cyrus is also a life saver,” Birney added. “He donates blood every 4 months at WAVES emergency vet here in Perth. He saves the lives of other dogs who need blood donations in emergencies!”

1Cyrus watches his owner ALL THE TIME, literally

Cyrus watches his owner ALL THE TIME, literally