This Dog Saved Its Owner’s Life By Drooling On Her. Literally.


There has been a lot of research put into the idea that dogs may be able to detect cancer.

It has been suggested that dogs can detect sickness or illnesses in humans, according to the InSitu Foundation. Humans provide food and shelter for their dogs, and if something is wrong with us, it can affect the dog. Therefore, dogs can pick up on changes that will potentially affect them. If the owner becomes ill, then they can’t feed or take care of the dog.

Whether you believe this research or not, this story about a dog that saved its owner’s life is pretty amazing.

1Tara Leonard is a student at the Minnesota School of Business – Rochester.

The single mother of two was in her late 30s working both a full-time and part time job, but her dream was to be a vet tech. With some encouragement from friends, Tara decided to fulfill her dream and enrolled at MSB.