Why You Can NOT Please Everyone, Even When You Are So Dependable!

We all want to be there when a friend or family member needs our help. Whether it be for emotional or physical needs…we are dependable. This causes them to rely on us way to much. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Yet when we need them…they can’t come through for us. What a let down. Is that shame on us? Yes! Because we have become too dependable to them. Here is why we need to stop being so dependable.


Sometimes, being a nice, dependable person is kind of exhausting. The world doesn’t always provide the necessary tools to teach us the difference between right and wrong, and we’re often at odds with the lessons we were taught as children, and the ones in which we have learned through our own experiences. As a result, many of our decisions come under scrutiny by those closest to us. For this…we are judged.