Could A Deceased Loved One Be Watching Over You? 5 Signs That Say YES They Are!

Losing a loved is the most difficult thing that any person can endure. However, a person can never truly be gone. At the very least, we hold the love and good times we had with a deceased loved one in our hearts.

Beyond this, though, humans have believed in the concept of a soul throughout the course of recorded history. This cannot be for no reason! Indeed, many believe that those we love continue to watch over us after they’ve long since passed.

You may be skeptical, and that’s certainly understandable. However, there are clear signs that one can look for that clearly indicate that someone we love continues to watch over us after that person has died:

1The sensation of their touch


You might be sitting in a room and know that you’re completely alone. Yet, the familiar feel of your loved one’s touch will occur. It’s not a trick of the mind; it’s real.