Dating An Unapologetically Sassy Girl And What You Need To Know About Her!

The girl who’s unapologetically sassy doesn’t make excuses for herself. She is who she is, and if other people don’t like it, not her problem. She can be misunderstood because it takes a real man to handle a girl like her. That may be the main reason she is single…the right man to handle her sarcastic ways has not come along, until now. Word to the wise: you may want to warn your friends so they don’t feel offended but instead will know just how to take her and her seemingly sassy girl wit.

1She Won’t “Play Dumb.”

She’s not the submissive type, looking down at the floor waiting for your constant reassurance. She’s shamelessly smart and doesn’t apologize for her intelligence. Instead she will have a quick comeback to what you and others will say.