10 Best 80s Hair Bands

In the 80’s there was and explosion of “Techno Pop” but the bands I remember most were the “hair bands.” They were also known as “glam bands” because of all the hair spray it took to make their hair big and tall so they could furiously  whip it around on stage driving the audience into a frenzy. The word is used to describe a band That plays a genre of music commonly known ‘hair metal’. The music was well known in the 80’s, and characterized by: all of the band members having extremely long hair, usually high pitched male vocals, and heavy, piercing, distorted guitars. lets see if your favorite hair band made the top ten. Note: I did not include hard rock hair bands to this list.

1Great White

On the early train to the 80’s glam rock explosion, “Dante Fox” formed in LA in 1978, though they didn’t play a paying gig until 1981. Soon after hired a manager and changed their name to Great White. Allegedly named after guitarist Mark Kendalldue to his nearly white blond hair. The band got work wherever they could, playing the bar/club scene, and even playing 6 Flags amusement park. It wasn’t until 1983 that the band finally got a record deal, released an album, and jumped on a Whitesnake tour. Notable songs: Shot in the Dark, Once Bitten Twice Shy and Sail Away.