This Bull Has Been Bred For Its Enormous Muscles. But Watch When He Turns To Walk

1Meet the Belgian Blue

We all remember the farm animals from children’s books: the silly pig, the fuzzy duckling, the… bodybuilding cow? Meet the Belgian Blue, the very impressive, slightly freaky looking cow that has been bred to have lots of extra-lean muscles.

This muscular cow looks like he has spent so much time at the gym that he’s having trouble walking. The truth is that the cows have been selectively bred over the last 200 years to grow massive muscles. The breeders even strategically shave their cows to accentuate the muscles, resulting in a truly strange-looking animal.

Even when you’re around a normal cow, they are shockingly huge, not at all the silly, adorable creatures we remember from picture books. We admit to being a little nervous, their giant eyes giving us the once over, and their massive tongues reaching out to nab a carrot from our hands. They’re a little frightening, but once we spend a little time with a cow, we are more comfortable patting its back and becoming friends.