This Is The Assassin Bug. If You See One In Your House, Get Help Immediately!

Most bugs are harmless

There are a lot of bugs on this earth, and most of them are totally harmless. They’re not likely to hurt a human being, although they can make us freak out when we unexpectedly find one on us.

But not this one…

But there’s one bug that Americans should be very, very concerned about.

Assassin Bug

They’re called the “Assassin Bug”, or “Kissing Bug”. This bug can cause the spread of a highly hazardous diseases called American Trypanosomiasis. It is deadly to humans and pets.

Deadly Disease

Chagas disease has claimed the lives of over 400 dogs in Texas so far.

Easily Spread

Chagas disease is spread by these “Kissing Bugs” through their feces. The bug feeds on blood. For dogs, that is the area around their eyes, and mouths.

Dogs contract the disease

The disease is contracted when the bug bites into the dog, and the bug rubs its feces into the bite wound or into a mucous membrane.

They are active when we are asleep

The bugs feed when pets are asleep.

Eating bugs

Dogs can also get Chagas disease by eating the bugs.

Silent Killer

Chagas disease is known as “the silent killer” because people don’t know they have it until the later stages of the disease.

Symptoms of Chagas disease

Symptoms of Chagas disease include massively swelling eyelids. …and anaphylactic shock. Which can cause asphyxiation, and even death.

Very Painful

Symptoms may start out as flu-like, but eventually become very painful. If you suspect you or your child might have contracted Chagas, go to a hospital immediately.

Around your home

Assassin Bugs live in places near the home – under rocks and cement, cracks in walls, underneath porches, outdoor dog houses, and forrested areas.

Does not pass from dog to human

This dog had Chagas disease, and as they state in the news report – the disease cannot be passed from dog to human.